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Port cleaning tip

Post by MichaelMoore » July 10th, 2011, 4:20 am

The folks at Brush Research have things other than Flex-hones. Today I used one of their BNS-408 "solid end" brushes on some small (under 1") ports I wanted to clean before taking port molds. This brush has a very fine wire (.006" I think) and is not very aggressive. You'll want to scrape out as much carbon as possible to start, but after that you can run the brush against aluminum without any damage to the alloy surface. Just put it in the port and run it around as much as necessary. You'll probably find a small patches of carbon after you've used the brush for awhile so just scrape again and repeat the process.

The brushes are available in different sizes. While a commercial operation would want to use a blaster and/or washer to quickly remove the carbon if all you've got is your porting tool or a drill motor these seem to be a reasonable way to (help) get things clean without worrying about damaging any of the surfaces.

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