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1. Terms at end of this list
2. Prices are £ sterling and do not include vat (EU only) or post/freight
3. Call for current stock before ordering!
4. Prices and specifications subject to alteration without notice.
5. NLA means no longer available.
6. OE means original equipment manufacturer part.
7. Item price is EACH item unless otherwise stated
8. OE prices go up with great frequency and at no fixed % – I have NO control over this. Many parts are routinely axed by F/L

Tel: 07446802616
Email: guy.croft@btconnect.com

Cams descriptions are based on 2 liter engine, cams will be ‘hotter’ on smaller engines.
All 8V TC GC cams are TOP QUALITY super-hard cast-iron chill blanks - not regrind. They are made by Kent Cams to my exclusive profile. GC cams and many others may need top hats (eg: 1mm on IIIA profile) to fit on the valve tip to take up the reduced base circle. Valve seat mods usually drop the valves deeper into the head so shimming is quite involved. Beware of cam buckets fouling the lower part of their bores on high lift 16v applications!
GC 8V nitrided steel billet cams have been discontinued.
1” belts need 1” pulleys and rear flanged auxiliary driveshaft – consult GC beforehand

GC TC cams:
GC StII and IIIA Twin-cam 8v £689 pair £398.90ea
GC StIII 3D, IV sprint/race Twin-cam 8v £650.00 pa or £356ea
GC5A cam £503ea
8v turbo cams £754.98pr
GC steel billet 16v Integrale type head atmo/turbo cams full spec only £1764.00 pair lead time 6 weeks or less.

(16v cam above - cam buckets must be ground appr 2mm shorter or they will foul. Cam region in head will usually minor relief)
My 8v comp cams invariably have smaller base circle than standard which means top hat shims may well be needed, the thickness depends partly on the setup height of the valve tips – standard all models 8v and 16v is appr 40.5-40.7mm from the spring platform. 16v cams have 30m base circle.
Note: All 8V TC cams have ex gear drive 124 type for distributor.

Camwheels GC 6 bolt adjustable race to 1” belt alloy
(Fit early 8v TC, 16v conversion, also Croma/8v Int with pulley reversed) £421.00pair
Camwheels Lancia Integrale ¾” belt adjustable by Kent Cams, also 8v TC type
for early ¾” belt and SOHC X19, alloy all same price, state type: £294 pr
Springs GC triple type 3VSR 8v, fit all TC set 8 £248
Springs 16v Int/Tipo/Gp 4 131 (not 037) type 3VSR set 16 £242.90
Race spring bases (seats) race to 3VSR each to 14 or 15mm dia guides £8.40each (needed with IIID & above)
# Guides 8v ‘Trojan’ 8mm stem 14 or 15mm dia £19.85each
# Guides 16v ‘Trojan’ 7mm stem Tcoupe/Tipo/Int/037/131 ea £23.10 each
Belt 1” to 2 liter 148T incl 16v conversion £45
***** all cambelts read GC ‘How To’ before fitting*** available on request if not supplied***
Belt 1” to 1800/1608 146T £45
Belt 1” to 1585 144T (also Lancia 037 and 131 16v with 60mm dia tensioner) £45
Belt ¾” OE std pat all models 1585/1756/2 liter £25.50
Belt Vx long (with PAS) (1” wide) £42.75
Belt Vx short 93T or 99T (1” wide) £31.85
Belt blower Lancia 037 38mm wide (new Gates design!) Evo 1 and 2 types £69.30
Belt oil pump Lancia 037 £31.85
Belt water pump/alternator 037 £34.65
Seat insert inlet (Trojan) 8v 43.5mm to ALL 8v & 16v TC valves £36 each (typical price – depends on size)
Valve 36mm ex 8v £37.00
Valve 43.5mm in 8v TC £45.00each
Valves 45/40 NHRA spec set of 4 each. Long tip valves. £49.50each
Shims top-hat to 7 or 8mm valves 1mm or 2mm approx thick £13.80each
Shims OE spec 33mm each £9.50
(3A usually need 1mm and 3D and higher lift cams usually need 2mm)
Cam lubricant £8.90

1” belt may need change to auxiliary driveshaft pulley – contact GC for ‘How To’ data sheet.
* valve diameters are ‘nominal’ ie: can vary fractionally. Stainless means one-piece forged 21-4n austenitic. All valves have chromed stem and OE spec ex valves have stellite-faced head.
# GC guides are designed tight on ID. They always require in-situ honing (using Flex Hone) after fitting for optimum valve stem fit and oil retention. Refer to GC ‘How to’ data. You must always use NEW shims when changing cams.

All inlet manifolds need fitting kits for carbs unless throttle bodies for FI are used in which case only the 8mm studs and nyloc nuts are needed. All GC manifolds have std thread servo tapping (M14 x 1.5mm). Matching required only where stated. Due to tight clearances some GC manifolds need capscrews rather than hex bolts. GC manifolds are designed for 45 carb/throttle body but 40s will run with NO consequential power loss. All GC inlet manifolds are sold complete with studs/bolts/washers to fix to the head (or blower). Castings are only in stock if shown. GC Manifolds are 4-6week lead to ship from order if not stock, payment with order ONLY.
M131 - Fiat 131 type TC offset for block distributor to pair s/d carbs * £380.67
MBeta – Lancia 2 liter ONLY as above * £410
M16 - Fiat/Lancia 16v conversion inlet manifold *
(vertical engine only on sidedraft carbs or inclined engine on FI) £366.57
M16C as above carbon fibre with 12 deg downdraft – 45mm outer
diameter to carbs or injection £483 NEW
MVX VX conversion single sidedraft DCOE type 20 deg angle engine # £340
MVX_H adapter manifold for horizontal DCOE on VX unit (vertical engine) # £336.57
Fitting kit to pair DCOE type carbs incl race quality O rings, GC spec plated M8 studs,
isolators, nyloc nuts £69.50
Fitting kit single DCOE type carb £34.70
Studs M8 & nyloc nuts to throttle bodies £15.50
Manifold – head fixings 8v if sold separately £8.90
O rings (spectacle type) to fitting kit if sold separate £15.50ea
Cosworth type isolator carb - manifold (3-piece, rubber and 2metal cups) £3.90 ea
Facet Silver Top interrupter 12v electric fuel pump kit with mounts and unions ** £102.95
Regulator Filter King glass bowl ** £69.50
Inline gauge 0-15psi to above (to calibrate) with adaptor 8mm ** £42.90
Weber twin cable linkage top mounted £23.50
Single 4ft cable to above cable ## £109.90
GC fuel pump blank plate - alloy £28.90
40 or 44 IDF service kits £46.50 per carb
IDF cold-start blanking plates £43.90pr
44IDF base gaskets £5.90ea
Weber 32/36 Ford type carb (not incl throttle linkage or choke cable) £300approx - POA
Studs, nuts and capscrews manifold fitting, plated /stainless £15.90set
Carbs, jets, chokes and accessories (prices constantly changing) POA

When ordering please tell us if you need a servo take-off on the manifold – the OE fitting is M14 x 1.5 but you can specify other threads at order.

*Includes fixings manifold to head
** pump must be mounted near the tank thus fuel under pressure not ‘sucking’. It should be mounted on the rubber mounts in the kit and wired to the ignition via a relay. Regulator should be collocated with engine and calibrated to 3.5-4.0 psi pressure with ignition on and engine OFF. Fuel gauge MUST be removed after calibration (it can burst at engine temperature and cause a fire) and the adapter blanked-off with the plug in the kit.
# Includes fixings to blower
## This linkage is very versatile and is designed to bolt to the top of DCOE carbs; there is no such thing as a ‘universal linkage’ and if does not readily suit your installation eg: because of bonnet clearance, it’s up to you to make a bracket for it. On the TC unit it is necessary to shorten the throttle spindles and nuts by grinding or the spindles will foul.

Race plugs NGK to all 8v TC/SOHC &16v £55.50SET 4
BP6ES std NGK road plugs set £13.90 set 4
Silencer AX891 silencer 15.5 x 8 x 4” pipe ID 2.25” £98.75
Magnecor HT leads (set of 5) £92.50

Bolts – head GC race 12.9 grade, forged head, rolled thread, all 8v TC set £210.00
As above 16v Integrale type head, set – also 131 16v same price £138.60
(all above need late OE head washers £25.50 set)
Bolts – head SOHC set hex head (no washers reqd) £3.45
Bolts - flywheel-clutch stainless M8 capscrews with washers set 6 £4.70
Bolts flywheel ARP PRO 12mm set 6 £80.90
Studs GC M8 Ex/in studs various lengths 8.8 grade boron steel Zn plated £1.80 ea
Nuts nyloc M8 £0.35
Grubscrews GC for TC aux d/s or crank oil gallery all models £4.70 ea
Dowels stainless M10 crank – flywheel (20.2 long or 24.2mm aval) £1.50 ea
Fasteners (incl M8 stainless capscrews) to build
early 8v head inc manifold studs/nuts £30.50
Sump stud kit 8v TC type £13.90
Fasteners to build block 8v early 8v inc sump studs & wsr £42.80
As above to full engine 8v/16v incl studs to sump & nyloc nuts M6 & sump washers £67
Sump stud kit all 8v TC £13.90
Capscrew M10 x 1.25 x 30 to oil filter housing £4.70 ea
Capscrew M12 x 1.25 x 30 camwheel £4.70 ea

Always - Huge stocks of M8 and M6 stainless steel capscrews!

We only use and recommend Helix Clutches
Uprated cover and organic plate 2 liter 8V normally aspirated £445.50
static torque rating 179 lbf ft
Uprated cover as above with sprung cerametallic 4 blade paddle plate £560.80
2 liter 8V atmo turbo & VX uprated cover & organic plate £531.50
Release brgs Beta/131/124 £43.90
Steel flywheel with integral ring gear to bolt-on clutch # £485.50
Bushes to fit FW with 12mm mounting holes to 10mm 1800 type set 6 £38.50
Adaptor Ford Type 9 gearbox to 131 5 spd bellhousing incl special bolts £358.50

* needs larger diameter flywheel from one of the models listed

# bolt-on clutch = of same dimensions as OE one.
Other clutch types POA
Supercharged, turbo clutch ratings on request


. Certain key information is needed to order pistons – eg compression height, combustion chamber volume.
Never rebore and engine without contacting me first as ring sizes may not be available.

GC COPYRIGHT ‘offset valve reliefs’ are used on some 8v pistons – make sure you fit them the right way round (marked OC below). Prices of pistons are per engine set (4 cyl), include pins, clips but do not include rings. All GC pistons are FULL FLOATING WRIST PIN and some versions have narrow span across pin region and race rods may be needed.
HC = high compression, LC low compression, M means medium compression. The actual CR will depend on the bore, stroke, compression height and cylinder head volume. I can help you choose the right setup! Prices are based on a 4-6 week lead-time from client order to receipt at GCRE.
Check your requirements carefully with me before ordering. Do not rebore before consulting me on ring availability!

HC 8v TC set (124/132/131 type) A8 & A8M type £981.60 OC
HC 8v TC set 1438 and 1608 to appr 10.5/1 A9 type £981.60 *
HC 16v Tipo 2 liter 16v & 131 16v conversion (not Gp4 head), D16 type £981.60
HC Fiat-Abarth Gp4 16v flat top normally aspirated to appr 11.5 D17 type £1131.90 UPDATED DESIGN
(Can be domed for higher CR at no extra cost if reqd)

LC Fiat-Abarth Gp4 16v dished – s/charged to appr 8/1 D18 type £1062.60
LC 8V supercharged – dished 8cc dish A8S type £994 OC
LC 8v to TC Integrale/Thema A8T type £948
(these are NOT the same design and you cannot use Integrale pistons in the VX)
LC 16v to Integrale/Thema D20 type £994

* GCRE will not supply pistons for these models unless full-floating wrist pins are used which means on some models race rods with full-floating pin bushes will be needed.
If custom valve relief machining is required - owner needs to mark out all valve centres by dry build before building head up and specify valve diameter and valve relief depth if returned to GCRE for machining to suit. Valve lift should be stated TDC on the overlap Cost is: (per piston set of 4) 2 reliefs per piston £127.10, 4 reliefs per piston £255.

Super light, low outspring restricted to certain bore sizes
eg TC Fiat 80mm, 80.5mm 84.50 and 85, 85.50, 86mm (ie: 0.5mm steps) £150.50 set
(You must check and adjust gaps with these rings)

Race rods set, GC approved - any Fiat/Lancia 8v model £1478.50
(can be up to 6 week lead time if not in stock)

STANDARD PARTS (Twin Cam unless otherwise stated)
Head gaskets marked * must be re-torqued cold.
You must check dowel penetration is sufficient on head gaskets. Some late gaskets need OE (longer) head dowels – these are available in ‘OE parts’.

GC spec gaskets are made to usual GCRE standard – in most cases to replace OE parts that are no longer available

Bearings main al/tin set all 8v & 16v TC 84mm bore units £67.00(oversize for 1800 only POA)
Bearings rod heavy duty no oil holes
(these suit GC race rods 1800/ 2liter 8V/16v) £72.00 (oversize for 1800 only POA)
Bearings thrust FM or OE set std or + 0.010” pair all models £25.50
Bearing crank rear 131 type (to support rwd input shaft) £22.00
Bearing crank rear to shallow counterbore 130TC crank to rwd £22.00
Bearings tensioner to 130TC & Lancia Beta pulley (circlip retention) £82.00
Gaskets and seals full head or engine set (GC specially made-up spec) £ Price on request
Gasket breather GC spec £5.80
Gasket cambox end plate plain GC spec £5.80
As above - scalloped £5.80
Gasket cambox lower all 8v TC non-reversed port head types –leak free! £16.50ea
Gasket cambox upper to above £8.90
Gasket cambox lower Int 8v TC (also Croma, Delta) rev port type £12.00
Gasket cambox upper to above £8.90
Gasket coolant end plate to crankcase 2 liter or 1800 GC spec £12.00
Gasket as above other units (excl reverse-port 16v- see OE Parts) £5.80
Gasket coolant elbow front £2.50
Gasket crank front, rear, aux driveshaft seal housing GC spec £12.00ea
Gasket distributor or block blank plug GC spec £5.80
Gasket ex plain £9.50
Gasket ex ‘turbo’ type reinforced with fire ring all 8v except US EGR type £19.70
Gasket exhaust downpipe (cast manifold 4-2 type) £7.00
Gasket cylinder head Typ1/Typ2 race-spec to 84mm bore type TC 8v engines ) £62.10USE GC HEAD BOLTS
Typ 2 above - long GC dowels £13.50 pair
Typ 1 above GC stepped dowels £16.20pair
Gasket head split fire rings 131 8V type only £340.80
Gasket inlet plain all 8v £12.00
(Can be used on Vx – front 3 lower bolt holes should be cut into slots)
Gasket inlet GC spec – silicone beaded £23.20
Gasket oil pump – GC made £3.50
Gasket oil filter housing all 8V TC GC spec £9.70
Gasket pump coolant 8v TC early (not reversed port) £5.40
Gasket Sump all early 84mm bore 8v units (not 1438/1608) GC spec £13.50
Gasket Sump 1438/1608 £19.50
O ring oil pump Vx & Beta transverse engine £0.80
O ring Transverse engine (eg Beta) coolant pump to bottom rail £0.90
Plug – sump £9.60
Plug – distributor blank, alloy, GC spec £32.50
Plugs oil gallery front-rear - side all TC incl 16v (18mm or 16mm) £4.40ea
Pump coolant 1585-2 liter early 8v RWD types high capacity rotor OE spec £75.80
Pump coolant (transverse engines eg: (Montecarlo/Vx/Beta) £69.40
Pulley tensioner 2 liter Fiat 131/124/MC/Volumetrico type/1608 £78.60
Pulley tensioner 1585, 1608, 1756, 1608cc Fiat TC £78.60
Pulley tensioner blower belt (direct fit on VX units) £98.70
Seals camshaft/aux driveshaft 8v TC (non OE) polymer-cased - Viton £9.30ea
Seal crank rear 2 liter/1800 all TC (non OE) polymer-cased £13.50
Seal crank front 2 liter/1800 8v TC (non OE) polymer cased £13.50
Seals fibre/copper cambox cover bolt (small fibre type) set 4 £2.50
Seal oil filler cap 8V £5.40
Sleeve crankshaft bearing (eg: 130TC crank with 131 flywheel) £10.80
Sleeve 12-10mm for FW bolts £9.70 each
Shims 33m dia OE spec 3.25 – 4.90mm ea £9.70
Tool stem seal fit 8mm (TC and SOHC) GC made £62.30
Tool stem seal fitting 8v GC made £67.00
Toothed belt alternator, water pump drive system 8v TC £514.00
Washers copper coolant pump M6/M8 set 4 £0.50

*you have to make a bracket for this to convert to direct drive belt; this should be bolted to the blower.

Fiat Lancia OE (original equipment) PARTS (manufactured by Fiat)


PLEASE NOTE: prices are guide only and subject to change

Bolts flywheel set 6 (10mm) £27.20
* Bolts flywheel 12mm see nuts and bolts see page 2 NLA
Buckets camshaft (followers) all 8v 16v £25.50
Cam belt 16v Integrale type £63.50
Dowels flywheel to clutch ea £4.00
Dowels cam caps to head 16v £2.90
Dowels to cam all £2.90
Dowels engine-gearbox (2 needed per TC unit) £7.00ea
Gasket head Turbo rev port to 8v or 16v incl Integrale to 17psi boost £75.50
(8v and 16v are not interchangeable!)
Gasket ex plain 16v (ex Tipo) £40.50
Gasket inlet plain 16v (ex Tipo) £42.50
(Reinforced turbo types NLA)
Gasket oil pump crank nose driven all 8V/16V Delta/Tipo/Int types £17.50
Gasket oil pump pickup to above £6.50
Gaskets balance shaft seal housings NLA
O ring end driven distr eg: 130TC £2.90
Nut – crankshaft £18.40
Plugs coolant LARGE (Core) (TC 8v has 5 large, SOHC 3 large, Int type 3 large 2 small) £13.50ea
Plugs Coolant SMALL £4.60ea
Plug balance shaft (FW end) 16v £13.50ea
Pulley cambelt tensioner 16v type £67.00
Seal balance shaft front right (ex) £12.80
Seal balance shaft front left (in) same as oil pump £12.50
Seal cam 16v Tipo/Int type £11.60
Seals cam cover 16v set 4 £16.20
Seal cam cover peripheral 16v £32.50
Seal crank front 16v type with nose-driven oil pump £32.50
Seal crank front 131 2 liter type Viton £41.50
Seal crank rear to above Viton £46.60
Seals valve stem late (turbo) nitrile all 8v incl SOHC £40.50 set
Seals valve stem 16v turbo set £41.50
Washer cam bolt £2.90ea
Washers head bolt OE 8v/16v set £24.60
Washer spring to above £4.00
Washer to FW bolts 12mm type £11.60

VX blower full rebuild with new rear brgs, seals and phase £1386
VX blower front bearings QJ304 reground and certified to C2 tolerance £358.90pair *
(certification records are archived by client at GCRE)

Teflon coating is NO LONGER AVAILABLE

* front bearings are not available ‘off the shelf’ in C2 (close axial) tolerance spec, C2 grind op lead time can be up to 4 weeks.
I will no longer undertake rebuilds of the VX blower without new front bearings.

I design systems specific to engine and installation. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF A WELL-SORTED LUBRICATION SYTEM! There is no such thing as a ‘standard layout’ and the number of parts – including race-grade instrumentation is invariably a long list.
Important Note: Items marked * require unions and Dowty washers, items marked # require swivels
The items are shown mainly with BSP fittings but of course Aeroquip (AN) fittings are available, though be aware that anodised alloy fittings of that type (and the Teflon hose used with them) cost about ten times that of plated steel BSP.
I design a lot of oil system layouts at no charge – contact me for advice!

Remote filter head R-L or R_L 1/2BSP female, 3/4 UNF oil filter thread *# £63.50
Aval with two cast-in bosses you can drill & tap yourself for instruments or with
Threaded at M14 or 3/8 BSP gauge tapping. (Must use oil filter with anti-syphon valve)
GC Take-off plate ‘TOP’ for remote filter setup ½ BSP female threads & £127.10
1/8 NPT tapping for low pressure switch* #
(Requires 4 off capscrews (see ‘nuts &bolts’@ P2) £13.90)
Plain sandwich block side take off 1/2BSPfemale, ¾ UNF oil filter thread *# £30.10
Plain sandwich block as above with blank plate ½ BSP, ¾ UNF *# £68.30
(For use with remote filter)
Sandwich plate thermostatic 1/2BSP female, ¾ UNF oil filter thread*# £67.00
In line adapter to oil temp sender ½ BSP male & 3/8 BSP tapping # £65.90
(This item has cast-in male fittings and does not require unions)
Oil thermostat external 1/2BSP male # £121.30
Cooler 13 row oil 23mm matrix ½ BSP # HEAVY DUTY ONLY £138.60
Cooler 16 row 230mm as above # HEAVY DUTY ONLY £184.80
Dry sump mounting bracket Titan 3 stage pump early TC £450.50TYPICAL PRICE ONLY
Oil filter K&N spin-on oil ¾ UNF non-bypass with anti-syphon valve £13.90
Low oil pressure warning switch 1/8 NPT pre-set 20 psi £25.50
Warning light to above red 12v £9.50
Union male-male 1/2BSP plated steel £5.90
Union male-male ½ BSP – ½ NPT plated steel to accumulator £5.90
Union male-male ½ BSP – 3/8 BSP plated steel £4.90
T piece male plated steel to accumulator ½ BSP £9.90
Adapter male-male 1/2BSP – ½ NPT to accumulator/solenoid valve £11.00
Adapter M16 – 3/8 BSP m-m with Dowty seal for Raceparts coolant gauge £41.60
Adapter 3/8 BSP or M14-1/8 BSP m-m for Raceparts oil pressure gauge £13.90
Adapter M14 – 1/8 NPT for low pressure warning switch £13.90
P Clips to oil hose 1 ea
Washers Dowty to ½ BSP male-male unions £0.0
Thermostat coolant low temp race (75 deg C) 8v TC for in head use £12.80
Thermostat coolant X19 type (bypass) low temp £18.50
Thermostat coolant external (3 way) all TC types low temp 80 deg £24.50
Blank plug steel 1/8NPT £2.90
Blank plug plated steel 3/8 BSP £2.90
Blank plug M14 x 1.5 plated steel £3.95
Blank plug steel ½ BSP £8.90
Sump big wing RWD conversion – your donor pan & pump required £827.00
Sump baffled FWD Lancia Beta type – your donor pan required £785.50
Catchtank GC spec 2 liter capacity £113.50
Valvoline VR1 semi-synthetic oil 5L 10W/60 £55.50

Please note!
Fir-tree swivels are no longer supplied by GCRE. GCRE now recommend only Mocal 100R6 stainless braided hose with swaged fittings made up on-site at Think Automotive in Isleworth UK. use hose pipe or similar to work out the length of hose you need and always specify one straight swivel on one end of the hose to prevent it from coiling-up.
Remote filters, sandwich blocks etc – wide range of threads available.
I do not supply alloy hose fittings and Aeroquip stainless braided hose.
Dry sump pulleys (crank or aux d/s drive) and pumps price on application



Head and camboxes and covers deburr all over £88
*GC discretion!


Core plugs supply PER PLUG £13.90
Aux driveshaft remove & plug fuel lobe early models with stroke 79.2 or more
(2 liter cranks must not be ground)
Dowel FW incl dowels £88
Lighten FW and balance crank FW £317.80
Crank fw balance only £242.60
GC spec oil pump overhaul if useable excl new or good-used donor parts price FROM £88

TYPICAL Assembly incl cam time, shim costs - No parts included:
Short block all TC (8v, 16v, SOHC) £1320
Short 8v engine with dry build £1980
Short 16v engine with dry build £2750


GCRE (Guy Croft Racing Engines) is a race engine firm not a reconditioner. All GCRE parts and services are referred to as ‘items’. All GCRE items are competition items. Owing to the type of ‘non- original’ build and preparation techniques used and the use to which items are typically put, no warranty is expressed or implied on any item, and no claims for consequential damage or loss of any kind will be accepted. GCRE undertakes to exercise due care during preparation of all items. Users assume all risk and must satisfy themselves that items are suitable for the intended purpose before installing and using. All GCRE items are certified fit-for-duty based on the best knowledge and experience available to GCRE. In the event of a claim (that the unit or components are not considered fit-for-duty) and within 1 month of supply the items supplied only must be returned in clean, unused and undamaged condition of supply with written technical statement of due cause for return for GCRE inspection before any claim will be entered into, and any such item returned for refund will be subject to rigorous inspection by GCRE prior to consideration of any refund/remedial work. Technical opinion of GCRE will be binding in all cases unless an agreed and accredited expert is called upon to provide expert opinion in which case the client will bear that cost.
An order is not FIRM until paid for. Until that time the order is considered PENDING – you have no claim on the items unless specifically advised by GCRE and items will not be allocated against that pending order unless specifically advised by GCRE. Parts and services supplied remain the property of GCRE until paid for in full. Payment will be taken as understanding and acceptance of the above.

Items that have been supplied correctly as described prior to sale will not be accepted back for credit. Items that have been supplied correctly by description and which are returned in original as-supplied condition but which are considered technically unusable (ie: in terms of quality, suitability or fit) will be accepted back for refund less handling fee 20%, but only if justifiable cause of unsuitability is stated in writing. Carriage fees will not be refunded.


Fax your details to: UK 01522 705333 (24HR) OR Telephone details to: 01522 705222/07446802616UK hours 9.30am – 4.30 pm
1.Name and shipping addresses, incl telephone number and zip/postcode. Telephone number for daytime use is important, as carriers require this (mobile is fine). Your telephone number is essential if a PO Box is used:
2. List of items you are purchasing unless you already have been sent a list from GCRE.

Payable to: Guy Croft Racing Engines, Address: Unit 12c Monkshill,Bedford,MK41 9ht
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Post by Guy Croft »

There will be a new price list update this week for G.C.R.E

Due to Guys passing Guy Croft Racing Engines will be operating with limited services. I am only selling parts as Guy was the expert (professor) in building engines.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

The business has also relocated from Lincoln to Bedford

Telephone no., email, business name are still the same

Best Wishes
Gloria Croft
Guy Croft, owner
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