IMPORTANT - save your post!

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IMPORTANT - save your post!

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Stability of this forum has been excellent for a long time. My admin Phil Day at QA Webshosting does an excellent job and one of his roles is to back up the site. Up until recently Phil has been backing up at least twice a week to preserve the site content. He has now increased that frequency. The recent loss of posts was caused by the UK-based data center doing maintenance without notice - not Phil!They blamed us for not backing up data more frequently. Be that as it may. It was a stupid thing to do without notice but there we are.

In future I recommend that - to avoid losing a post you have written - you save the page your information is on so that if need be you can post it again and it is not lost. Just click on 'save as' and your computer will do the rest. When you open that file from your documents the computer will open an internet window so you can copy and paste to this site.

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