PROTOCOLS - updated by GUY CROFT MAY 2020

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PROTOCOLS - updated by GUY CROFT MAY 2020

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1. This is an elite site
It is kept jargon, slang, argument, fun-free because it is designed to be a focal point for useful information AND NO MORE THAN THAT.
If there are no new posts it means no-one has much to say on that day and that's fine. I don't encourage people to post just 'to get the numbers up'..
This is certainly NOT a forum where you can have a laugh and a chat and an argument or make fun of others. It is not a forum where you can just write whatever you like. This is a place to show off your skills and definitely not the place to give a second-rate account of yourself. Think about it.

2. Don't write posts that contain links and lots of 'abbreviations'
They are likely to get deleted without notice. I don't want this site filled up with links. Links to other sites, to videos etc may only be used with PRIOR permission by email or PM from admin, and then when no other method of conveying the information is possible. DO NOT use Photoshop/bucket and other image hosting - use the site photo upload facility please.

3. Put a clearly defined title, that leads the reader to the subject.
Please don't over-post with new topics if adding on to your last one will do. Otherwise it will become impossible to find a particular subject and everything will get repeated.

4. Posts from English-speaking people are expected to have proper capitalisation and be literate.

5. Do not write in lower case throughout without the faintest attempt at punctuation.
THIS INCLUDES YOUR REGISTRATION INFORMATION. The ONLY exception is the member from a foreign, non-English speaking country, who clearly is doing his best with the English he knows and to whom - as a rule - all assistance will be given.

6. Do not use objectionable language.
Do not use swear words, overly subjective - tacky - racist - sexist - infantile - unsubstantiable remarks to make a point. In subject, topic or signature. Read your post back and if you find 'unacceptable' in place of a word you used, change it, my site word censor has objected to what you said.

7. Content
Keep cool at all times even when things go wrong. This is a website for informed opinion and fact, not guesswork. Stick to the facts as a rule and present them in an enjoyable readable fashion. Use your sense of humour sparingly and wisely. Be aware that mine is fairly thin where engines are concerned. PLEASE Don't use silly phrases. You're chuckling to yourself (and no-one else is) so use technical descriptions properly, don't write in racetrack bar slang: in other words write 'bhp' not 'brake' if you mean bhp and don't say things like s_illy horsepower or runs like a d_og. My advice is be_like_me.

8. Mention of auction and other self/commercial marketing sites, Myspace etc etc is completely prohibited.

9. Referring to Vendors
You must NOT to refer to any vendor (company, person selling parts and services, based UK or anywhere else) 'by name' (or in such a way as they can be identified either indirectly or directly) UNLESS you are just saying 'they supplied something' or are going to pay them a compliment. Do not talk about vendors' prices here. At all!

Don't post 'what do you think about this?' when referring to vendors' products. Have the good grace - please - to write to them and ask them why they do it that way. Or buy the thing and test it and report your results in proper technical way. Otherwise the products will get picked over without any constructive appraisal of their methods. Not good, I don't like it when it happens to me, don't do it to them.

Do not make critical or remotely damaging comments of any kind here about the quality of any firms or individuals' products! Every firm gets things wrong from time to time and yes, there are some bad apples in this business but they definitely don't want to see it published here. There are legal and ethical considerations in this regard and it is always possible to write a post in an interesting and factual way without 'naming names'.

If you are let down by a supplier, what you should always do first is take an issue back to the supplier in writing, if there is no satisfaction then, you should go to a lawyer, not to the internet. Just be careful please.

10. Copyright

Enfringement of copyright is potentially theft. Of course everyone makes mistakes and the infringement is often inadvertent and if the item is taken down swiftly no-one gets upset. Don't post photos, pictures, reports and text from other authors or other websites without copyright permission.
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