Valve Spring to cam verification

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Valve Spring to cam verification

Post by Guy Croft » March 27th, 2009, 1:56 pm

I now have Lotus Concept Valvetrain software so can now match cams to available valve springs and so avoid float and overstress etc.

(I hesitate to say that I can design new springs - because whilst I can and have done this many times even before buying the software - to get a new spring means order so many the cost is usually prohibitive)

That issue: 'will the springs be OK?' is a major worry for many race engine builders. I can now model this with a very high degree of certainty.

I bought the system for in-house use but it is available to you. Price for proving out your choice of spring from £150 plus vat per cam according to how soon you need it and the complexity of the layout. Naturally some data, eg weights and dimensions are needed and of course the complete 360 deg map for your cam/s - which I can do at modest cost - no problem if you send it to me. In the first instance I want to avoid rocker-actuated valvetrain, merely because it takes so long and time - for engine building and head prep - is at a premium here.

Contact me by email at:

MW_01 evaluation of Abarth 16v cams vs Piper Vauxhall XE dual springs.GIF
Graphs of valvetrain behaviour for a 124 CSA 16v unit matching the cams to a more modern type of valve spring than ever available in the 1970s
MW_01 evaluation of Abarth 16v cams vs Piper Vauxhall XE dual springs.GIF (31.56 KiB) Viewed 11081 times


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