Engineers' tool supplies - MGB Supplies (Lincoln, UK)

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Engineers' tool supplies - MGB Supplies (Lincoln, UK)

Post by Guy Croft » February 27th, 2007, 1:57 pm

Wherever you live - UK or anywhere else - if you want top-of-the-range engineers' tools for machining, fettling, measuring etc etc everything from cloth-backed abrasive tape to milling machine tool fixtures - don't struggle trying to get them.

Tel: 01522 694 141


Maurice Bull owns MGB Supplies (nothing to do with MGB cars) and you could not wish for a more diligent, and helpful supplier, for orders big or small. Please mention my name - GUY CROFT when you contact them.

There are some tool names I swear by - ATA, Norton Abrasives, Garryson, Metabo, Facom, Teng, Bosch, Dormer, Moore & Wright, Sandvik, Mitutoyo, Record. Maurice Bull understands the demanding and rather specialise needs of a race engine business like mine so you won't end up with cheap poor quality stuff that breaks the 2nd time you use it.


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