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Guy Croft
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good software

Post by Guy Croft »

I have very basic dial-up systems to rely on, and can highly recommend:

to keep my PC and laptop running well, it routinely clears 20mB from my files, essential when doing uploads. Prior to using it my systems used to grind to a halt. This unique programme will NOT crash and burn your system like more aggressive software.

Post by Yugo_Turbo »

Great programm,I use it for a while, it acctualy cleaned 405mb from my system :roll: :shock: ...
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Post by Thotos »

Yes, ccleaner is great. I use it all the time and would highly recommend it. :!: But please bear in mind that if used to clean everything, it will also clear any stored passwords and all cookies that allow you to be automatically logged onto websites like this one.
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Post by Julian »

Just a small hint - when the likes of internet explorer were created the average hard drive was significantly smaller than they are now. By default the settings allocate something like 5% of the free hard drive space (at the time of installing) for temporary internet files. This typically means 4 to 10 Gb of storage space when the program was intended to just grab a few 100 Mb. Other than the excess wastage of space the internal catalogue struggles to cope with the immense volume of information - it slows down the computer and frequently corrupts making all those stored passwords a real annoyance.

You can reduce the allocated space through the settings option on the tools menu. Not only does it free up lots of space, make your computer work faster but it also makes it more reliable. If you are clearing everything down each time then you can safely reduce the storage space to a very small value but for most people 100 Mb is more than adequate (and reliable).
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