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Posted: December 12th, 2008, 8:32 am
by Guy Croft
1. Do you use a hotmail or gmail address?

If you wish to join this site and register with a gmail or hotmail email address you must write to me first by email BEFORE registering otherwise I will delete your application as soon as I see it.

2. Other prospective members:

Immediately after registering you must write to me personally telling me in GOOD ENGLISH that you have joined. I shall send you an email (subject 'intro GCRE') with a simple Word doc attachment called 'Intro GCRE' that explains the details I MUST HAVE to confirm your membership.

3. If you reply fully to my 'intro GCRE' mail sent direct from my works email (not the automated site one every forum has) you will get a personal welcome email from me along with membership approval. If you don't reply or don't fulfil the memberbship requirements in the attachment within 24hrs your application will be binned without notice.

To be a member with posting rights costs £35 for the life of the site. When you contact me I shall send you the membership form along with the 'intro letter'

These measures will continue to protect this respected forum and its members.